Hauling throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, D.C., and Maryland

Businesses know the importance of finding a reliable trucking company to safely haul their materials on time, every time. J.R. Tharpe Trucking Co., Inc. has the experience to do the job.

We provide professional contract hauling to customers in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia; we have both dump trucks and trailers available for your hauling needs.

Hauling the following materials, and more:

•  Fertilizer
•  Grain Hauling
•  Asphalt
•  Milling Hauling
•  Ag Lime
•  Gravel
•  Decorative Stone
•  and much more

Please contact us for a quote and more information.

Fuel Surcharges

Current Rate: 9.29%

Last Updated: 09/26/23 at 01:55:35pm

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